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Nasdaq Banks

NASDAQ Bank Index(IXBK) is made of financial stocks listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

NASDAQ Bank Index started with index base value at 100 in February 1971.

Index values are useful for investors to track changes in market values over long periods of time.

Technical analysis uses index charts to identify changes in trends whether short-term, mid-term or long-term time frames.

NASDAQ Bank Index index components:

ABBC Abington Bancorp, Inc.
ABCB Ameris Bancorp
ABCW Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc.
ABVA Alliance Bankshares Corporation
ACFC Atlantic Coast Federal Corporat
ACNB ACNB Corporation
AFCB Athens Bancshares Corporation
ALLB Alliance Bancorp, Inc. of Penns
ALNC Alliance Financial Corporation
AMNB American National Bankshares
AMRB American River Bankshares
ANCB Anchor Bancorp
ANCX Access National Corporation
ANNB Annapolis Bancorp Inc.
AROW Arrow Financial Corporation
ASBC Associated Banc-Corp
ASBI Ameriana Bancorp
ASRV AmeriServ Financial Inc.
ATLO Ames National Corporation
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation
BANF BancFirst Corporation
BANR Banner Corporation
BARI Bancorp Rhode Island, Inc.
BBNK Bridge Capital Holdings
BCAR Bank of the Carolinas Corporation
BCBP BCB Bancorp, Inc. (NJ)
BCSB BCSB Bancorp, Inc.
BDGE Bridge Bancorp, Inc.
BERK Berkshire Bancorp, Inc.
BFED Beacon Federal Bancorp, Inc.
BFIN BankFinancial Corporation
BFSB Brooklyn Federal Bancorp, Inc.
BHLB Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc.
BKBK Britton & Koontz Capital Corpor
BKMU Bank Mutual Corporation
BKOR Oak Ridge Financial Services
BKSC Bank of South Carolina Corp.
BKYF The Bank of Kentucky Financial
BMRC Bank of Marin Bancorp
BMTC Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation
BNCL Beneficial Mutual Bancorp, Inc.
BNCN BNC Bancorp
BOCH Bank of Commerce Holdings (CA)
BOFI BofI Holding, Inc.
BOKF BOK Financial Corporation
BOVA Bank Of Virginia
BPFH Boston Private Financial Holdin
BPOP Popular, Inc.
BRKL Brookline Bancorp, Inc.
BSRR Sierra Bancorp
BTFG BancTrust Financial Group, Inc.
BUSE First Busey Corporation
BYFC Broadway Financial Corporation
CAC Camden National Corporation
CACB Cascade Bancorp
CAFI Camco Financial Corporation
CART Carolina Trust Bank
CARV Carver Bancorp, Inc.
CASH Meta Financial Group, Inc.
CATY Cathay General Bancorp
CBAN Colony Bankcorp, Inc.
CBIN Community Bank Shares of Indian
CBKN Capital Bank Corporation
CBNJ Cape Bancorp, Inc.
CBNK Chicopee Bancorp, Inc.
CBSH Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
CCBG Capital City Bank Group
CCNE CNB Financial Corporation
CEBK Central Bancorp, Inc
CFBK Central Federal Corporation
CFFC Community Financial Corp.
CFFI C&F Financial Corporation
CFFN Capitol Federal Financial
CFNB California First National Banco
CFNL Cardinal Financial Corporation
CHCO City Holding Company
CHEV Cheviot Financial Corp
CHFC Chemical Financial Corporation
CHFN Charter Financial Corp.
CITZ CFS Bancorp, Inc.
CIZN Citizens Holding Company
CLBH Carolina Bank Holdings Inc.
CLFC Center Financial Corporation
CMSB CMS Bancorp, Inc.
CNAF Commercial National Financial
CNBC Center Bancorp, Inc.
CNBKA Century Bancorp, Inc.
COBK Colonial Financial Services, Inc.
COBZ CoBiz Financial Inc.
COLB Columbia Banking System, Inc.
CPBC Community Partners Bancorp
CPBK Community Capital Corporation
CRBC Citizens Republic Bancorp, Inc.
CRFN Crescent Financial Corporation
CRRB Carrollton Bancorp
CSBC Citizens South Banking Corporat
CSBK Clifton Savings Bancorp, Inc.
CSFL CenterState Banks, Inc.
CTBC The Connecticut Bank and Trust
CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
CVBF CVB Financial Corporation
CVBK Central Virginia Bankshares, In
CVCY Central Valley Community Bancor
CVLY Codorus Valley Bancorp, Inc
CWBC Community West Bancshares
CWBS Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc.
CZFC Citizens First Corporation
CZNC Citizens & Northern Corp
CZWI Citizens Community Bancorp, Inc
DCOM Dime Community Bancshares, Inc.
DEAR Dearborn Bancorp, Inc.
DNBF DNB Financial Corp
EBMT Eagle Bancorp Montana, Inc.
EBSB Meridian Interstate Bancorp, In
EBTC Enterprise Bancorp Inc
EBTX Encore Bancshares, Inc.
ECBE ECB Bancorp Inc
EFSC Enterprise Financial Services C
EGBN Eagle Bancorp, Inc.
EMCF Emclaire Financial Corp
ESBF ESB Financial Corporation
ESBK The Elmira Savings Bank, FSB
ESSA ESSA Bancorp, Inc.
EVBS Eastern Virginia Bankshares, Inc.
EWBC East West Bancorp, Inc.
FABK First Advantage Bancorp
FBIZ First Business Financial Service
FBMI Firstbank Corporation
FBMS The First Bancshares, Inc.
FBNC First Bancorp
FBNK First Connecticut Bancorp, Inc.
FBSI First Bancshares, Inc.
FBSS Fauquier Bankshares, Inc.
FCAL First California Financial Grou
FCAP First Capital, Inc.
FCBC First Community Bancshares, Inc
FCCO First Community Corporation
FCCY 1st Constitution Bancorp (NJ)
FCLF First Clover Leaf Financial Cor
FCNCA First Citizens BancShares, Inc.
FCTY 1st Century Bancshares, Inc
FCVA First Capital Bancorp, Inc. (VA
FCZA First Citizens Banc Corp.
FDEF First Defiance Financial Corp.
FFBC First Financial Bancorp.
FFBH First Federal Bancshares of Ark
FFCH First Financial Holdings, Inc.
FFCO FedFirst Financial Corporation
FFDF FFD Financial Corporation
FFFD North Central Bancshares, Inc.
FFIC Flushing Financial Corporation
FFIN First Financial Bankshares, Inc
FFKT Farmers Capital Bank Corporation
FFKY First Financial Service Corporation
FFNM First Federal of Northern Michi
FFNW First Financial Northwest, Inc.
FIBK First Interstate BancSystem, Inc.
FISI Financial Institutions, Inc.
FITB Fifth Third Bancorp
FLIC The First of Long Island Corporation
FMBI First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.
FMER FirstMerit Corporation
FMFC First M & F Corporation
FNBN FNB United Corp.
FNFG First Niagara Financial Group
FNLC First Bancorp, Inc (ME)
FPFC First Place Financial Corp.
FPTB First PacTrust Bancorp, Inc.
FRBK Republic First Bancorp, Inc.
FRME First Merchants Corporation
FRNK Franklin Financial Corporation
FSBI Fidelity Bancorp, Inc.
FSBK First South Bancorp Inc
FSFG First Savings Financial Group
FSGI First Security Group, Inc.
FUBC 1st United Bancorp, Inc. (FL)
FULT Fulton Financial Corporation
FUNC First United Corporation
FXCB Fox Chase Bancorp, Inc.
GABC German American Bancorp, Inc.
GBCI Glacier Bancorp, Inc.
GBNK Guaranty Bancorp
GCBC Greene County Bancorp, Inc.
GFED Guaranty Federal Bancshares, Inc.
GGAL Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.
GLBZ Glen Burnie Bancorp
GRAN Bank of Granite Corporation
GRNB Green Bankshares, Inc.
GSBC Great Southern Bancorp, Inc.
HAFC Hanmi Financial Corporation
HARL Harleysville Savings Bank
HBAN Huntington Bancshares Incorpora
HBCP Home Bancorp, Inc.
HBHC Hancock Holding Company
HBNC Horizon Bancorp (IN)
HBNK Hampden Bancorp, Inc.
HBOS Heritage Financial Group
HCBK Hudson City Bancorp, Inc.
HEOP Heritage Oaks Bancorp
HFBC HopFed Bancorp, Inc.
HFBL Home Federal Bancorp, Inc.
HFFC HF Financial Corp.
HFWA Heritage Financial Corporation
HIFS Hingham Institution for Savings
HMNF HMN Financial, Inc.
HMPR Hampton Roads Bankshares Inc.
HOMB Home BancShares, Inc.
HOME Home Federal Bancorp, Inc.
HTBK Heritage Commerce Corp
HTLF Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
HWBK Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc.
IBCA Intervest Bancshares Corp.
IBCP Independent Bank Corporation
IBOC International Bancshares Corporation
INCB Indiana Community Bancorp
INDB Independent Bank Corp.
IROQ IF Bancorp, Inc.
ISBC Investors Bancorp, Inc.
JAXB Jacksonville Bancorp, Inc.
JFBC Jeffersonville Bancorp
JFBI Jefferson Bancshares, Inc.
JXSB Jacksonville Bancorp Inc.
KFFB Kentucky First Federal Bancorp
KFFG Kaiser Federal Financial Group,
KRNY Kearny Financial
LABC Louisiana Bancorp, Inc.
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc.
LBAI Lakeland Bancorp, Inc.
LION Fidelity Southern Corporation
LKFN Lakeland Financial Corporation
LNBB LNB Bancorp, Inc.
LPSB LaPorte Bancorp, Inc.
LSBI LSB Financial Corp.
LSBK Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc.
MBFI MB Financial Inc.
MBRG Middleburg Financial Corporation
MBTF M B T Financial Corp
MBVT Merchants Bancshares, Inc.
MBWM Mercantile Bank Corporation
MCBC Macatawa Bank Corporation
MCBF Monarch Community Bancorp, Inc.
MCBI MetroCorp Bancshares, Inc.
METR Metro Bancorp, Inc
MFLR Mayflower Bancorp, Inc.
MFNC Mackinac Financial Corporation
MFSF MutualFirst Financial Inc.
MGYR Magyar Bancorp, Inc.
MLVF Malvern Federal Bancorp, Inc.
MNRK Monarch Financial Holdings, Inc
MOFG MidWestOne Financial Group, Inc
MPB Mid Penn Bancorp
MSBF MSB Financial Corp.
MSFG MainSource Financial Group, Inc
NARA Nara Bancorp, Inc.
NASB NASB Financial Inc.
NBBC NewBridge Bancorp
NBN Northeast Bancorp
NBTB NBT Bancorp Inc.
NCBC New Century Bancorp, Inc. (NC)
NEBS New England Bancshares, Inc.
NECB Northeast Community Bancorp, Inc.
NFBK Northfield Bancorp, Inc.
NFSB Newport Bancorp, Inc.
NHTB New Hampshire Thrift Bancshares
NKSH National Bankshares, Inc.
NOVB North Valley Bancorp
NPBC National Penn Bancshares, Inc.
NRIM Northrim BanCorp Inc
NSFC Northern States Financial Corporation
NVSL Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation
NWBI Northwest Bancshares, Inc.
NWFL Norwood Financial Corp.
OABC OmniAmerican Bancorp, Inc.
OBAF OBA Financial Services, Inc.
OCFC OceanFirst Financial Corp.
OFED Oconee Federal Financial Corp.
OKSB Southwest Bancorp, Inc.
OLBK Old Line Bancshares, Inc.
OLCB Ohio Legacy Corporation
ONFC Oneida Financial Corp.
OPHC OptimumBank Holdings, Inc.
OPOF Old Point Financial Corporation
ORIT Oritani Financial Corp.
ORRF Orrstown Financial Services Inc
OSBC Old Second Bancorp, Inc.
OSHC Ocean Shore Holding Co.
OVBC Ohio Valley Banc Corp.
OVLY Oak Valley Bancorp (CA)
OZRK Bank of the Ozarks
PACW PacWest Bancorp
PBCT People's United Financial, Inc.
PBHC Pathfinder Bancorp, Inc.
PBIB Porter Bancorp, Inc.
PBIP Prudential Bancorp, Inc.
PBNY Provident New York Bancorp
PCBC Pacific Capital Bancorp
PCBK Pacific Continental Corporation
PCBS Provident Community Bancshares
PEBK Peoples Bancorp of North Carolina
PEBO Peoples Bancorp Inc.
PEOP Peoples Federal Bancshares, Inc
PFBC Preferred Bank
PFBI Premier Financial Bancorp, Inc.
PFBX Peoples Financial Corporation
PFED Park Bancorp, Inc.
PGC Peapack-Gladstone Financial Corporation
PKBK Parke Bancorp, Inc.
PLBC Plumas Bancorp
PLMT Palmetto Bancshares, Inc. (SC)
PMBC Pacific Mercantile Bancorp
PNBC Princeton National Bancorp, Inc
PNBK Patriot National Bancorp Inc.
PNFP Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
PPBI Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc
PROV Provident Financial Holdings
PRSP Prosperity Bancshares, Inc.
PRWT Premier West Bancorp
PSBH PSB Holdings, Inc.
PSTB Park Sterling Bank
PULB Pulaski Financial Corp.
PVFC Pvf Capital Corp.
PVSA Parkvale Financial Corporation
PVTB PrivateBancorp, Inc.
PWOD Penns Woods Bancorp, Inc.
QCRH QCR Holdings, Inc.
RBCAA Republic Bancorp, Inc.
RBNF Rurban Financial Corp
RBPAA Royal Bancshares of Pennsylvania
RCKB Rockville Financial, Inc.
RIVR River Valley Bancorp.
RNST Renasant Corporation
RODM Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group
ROMA Roma Financial Corporation
RVSB Riverview Bancorp Inc
SASR Sandy Spring Bancorp, Inc.
SAVB The Savannah Bancorp, Inc.
SBBX Sussex Bancorp
SBCF Seacoast Banking Corporation
SBNY Signature Bank
SBSI Southside Bancshares, Inc.
SCBT SCBT Financial Corporation
SCMF Southern Community Financial Co
SFNC Simmons First National Corporat
SFST Southern First Bancshares, Inc.
SHBI Shore Bancshares Inc
SIBC State Investors Bancorp, Inc.
SIFI SI Financial Group, Inc.
SIVB SVB Financial Group
SMBC Southern Missouri Bancorp, Inc.
SMMF Summit Financial Group, Inc.
SNBC Sun Bancorp, Inc.
SOCB Southcoast Financial Corporation
SOMH Somerset Hills Bancorp
SONA Southern National Bancorp of Virginia
SPBC SP Bancorp, Inc.
SRCE 1st Source Corporation
SSBI Summit State Bank
SSFN Stewardship Financial Corporation
STBA S&T Bancorp, Inc.
STBC State Bancorp, Inc.
STBZ State Bank Financial Corporation
STEL StellarOne Corporation
STND Standard Financial Corp.
STSA Sterling Financial Corporation
SUBK Suffolk Bancorp
SUSQ Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
SVBI Severn Bancorp Inc
SYBT S.Y. Bancorp, Inc.
TAYC Taylor Capital Group, Inc.
TBBK The Bancorp, Inc.
TBNK Territorial Bancorp Inc.
TCBI Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc.
TCBK TriCo Bancshares
TFSL TFS Financial Corporation
THFF First Financial Corporation Ind
THRD TF Financial Corporation
TIBB TIB Financial Corporation
TNCC Tennessee Commerce Bancorp, Inc
TOBC Tower Bancorp Inc
TOFC Tower Financial Corporation
TOWN Towne Bank
TRMK Trustmark Corporation
TRST TrustCo Bank Corp NY
TSBK Timberland Bancorp, Inc.
UBCP United Bancorp, Inc.
UBFO United Security Bancshares
UBNK United Financial Bancorp, Inc.
UBOH United Bancshares, Inc.
UBSH Union First Market Bankshares Corporation
UBSI United Bankshares, Inc.
UCBA United Community Bancorp
UCBI United Community Banks, Inc.
UCFC United Community Financial Corporation
UMBF UMB Financial Corporation
UMPQ Umpqua Holdings Corporation
UNB Union Bankshares, Inc.
UNTY Unity Bancorp, Inc.
USBI United Security Bancshares, Inc
UVSP Univest Corporation of Pennsylv
VBFC Village Bank and Trust Financial
VCBI Virginia Commerce Bancorp
VIST VIST Financial Corp
VPFG ViewPoint Financial Group, Inc.
VSBN VSB Bancorp, Inc. (NY)
VYFC Valley Financial Corporation
WABC Westamerica Bancorporation
WASH Washington Trust Bancorp, Inc.
WAYN Wayne Savings Bancshares Inc.
WBCO Washington Banking Company
WBKC Wolverine Bancorp, Inc.
WBNK Waccamaw Bankshares Inc
WCBO West Coast Bancorp
WFD Westfield Financial, Inc.
WFSL Washington Federal, Inc.
WIBC Wilshire Bancorp, Inc.
WLBC Western Liberty Bancorp
WSB WSB Holdings, Inc.
WSBC WesBanco, Inc.
WSBF Waterstone Financial, Inc.
WSFS WSFS Financial Corporation
WTBA West Bancorporation
WTFC Wintrust Financial Corporation
WVFC WVS Financial Corp.
XBKS Xenith Bankshares, Inc.
YAVY Yadkin Valley Financial Corporation
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