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Technical analysis

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Technical analysis study the behavior of market participants, reflected in price and volume for a financial market, in order to identify different stages (phases) in the development of price movements such as trends, overbought / oversold levels, exhaustion, turning points, reversals, etc.

Technical analysis is not concerned with the value or valuation of a financial instrument, but with how the supply and demand forces have an impact on price.

Technical analysis is relevant to all financial markets and all time-frames.

As part of the decision-making process, technical analysis will use primarily:

  • Identify the beginning of a trend
  • Time the entry within that trend
  • Identify the exhaustion of that trend
  • Identify the end of that trend
  • Time the exit of that trend.
Technical analysis tells us when trends as reflection of price action, begins, changes and ends, based on supply and demand.

As opposed to
Technical analysis, other type of analysis use primarily valuation and try to determine the intrinsic value of a financial instrument.
Such analysis is known as Fundamental analysis.    most visited pages

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